Cannes VIP Lunch:

'Predicting the Unpredictable'

The data and strategies that work in unprecedented times


Tuesday 20th June  |  1-4pm  |  Captify Villa


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You've heard the word "unprecedented" an unprecedented number of times in the past 2 years. The chaotic convergence of pandemic, recession, inflation, and war is changing consumer behaviors more rapidly than ever before, in ways that we can't always anticipate. When your job is to understand and influence consumer behavior, this is an unprecedented challenge.

But as we all know, challenges are opportunities. Smart marketers have the opportunity to turn uncertainty to their advantage if they can focus on the right signals, which means weeding out obsolete data and doubling down on fresh data that allows them to see changes as they're happening… to predict the unpredictable.

Join us on Tuesday 20th June at the Captify Villa, as we explore how brands can start to overcome this constant uncertainty and keep pace with the audiences that matter to them.



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