What's Captifying the travel industry? Tackling the questions 'up in the air' for travel marketers


After navigating a challenging period, travel is taking off—but how have the pandemic and rising living costs impacted today's traveller?


Captify's new travel report leverages billions of intent-driven data signals, as well as insights from our partners at Forward, born from lastminute.com, to unveil crucial insights for travel marketers. Download the report now to uncover:


  • The evolving travel landscape: understand the demand for travel and how a year of disruption has shaped audience sentiment towards brands
  • Consumer mindsets: learn whether audiences are prioritising pennies or the planet and how they are satisfying their wanderlust amidst rising living costs
  • Evergreen audiences: from luxury jetsetters and urban explorers to family travellers, discover the interests and passion points of these unique audiences
  • Destination deep-dive: find out which destinations are back on the map and how the strength of sterling is propelling the popularity of certain hotspots
  • Trends to watch: from the rise of adventure retreats and setjetting to transformative travel experiences, stay ahead of your competition
  • Expert outlook: gain industry insight from Tripadvisor, Forward, born from lastminute.com, and easyJet, along with their big predictions for 2024


Get the insights you need to shape your 2024 travel marketing strategy. 


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