Vertical Spotlight: What's Captifying the Retail Industry?

In today's dynamic retail landscape, understanding the ever-changing habits of consumers is paramount.


Captify's latest retail report, powered by billions of search data signals, reveals the ongoing impact of the 2023 cost of living crisis on consumer behaviour and highlights the key trends shaping retail in 2024 and beyond.


Download the report to uncover:

  • The evolving retail landscape: Gain insight into the factors impacting consumer affordability and the driving forces behind the resurgence of retail.
  • Audience deep-dive: Get to know the unique interests and brand preferences of custom shopper audiences.
  • Smart strategies: uncover how consumers are making every penny count, from adopting side hustles to opting for frozen goods over fresh products.
  • Trends to watchexplore whether consumers, amidst financial constraints, are prioritising sustainability in their brand choices and if they can really afford to go green.


Download the report to explore cookieless, real-time audiences and actionable insights to fuel your 2024 retail strategy.



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