The rise of personalised health

and key trends to keep a pulse on across pharma in 2023 

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the pharma and healthcare landscape, triggering major shifts in consumer mindsets and priorities.


Using aggregated and anonymised data from 1500+ publishers across more than 1 billion search events a day, this report deep dives into some of the biggest trends shaking up this vertical, as well as emerging mindsets that pharma brands can connect with.


Download the report to keep a pulse on these trends:

  • Healthcare becomes more personalised: products that leverage genetic profiles and other personal health data will transform the landscape
  • Specialised categories of wearables drive interest: as audiences look to keep a pulse on their health and make more informed decisions
  • Consumer focus moves upstream from treatment: with specialised wearables tracking specialised data, audiences focus on diagnosis and prevention
  • Healthcare moves out of the doctor's office: the doctor-patient relationship has been redefined, with data-driven consumers looking for transparent information




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