Jack Daniel's Dynamic Video Served 4 Ways

In this award-winning campaign, Jack Daniel’s partnered with Spark Foundry and Captify to leverage the power of Search Intelligence to increase Tennessee Honey’s appeal and relevance beyond traditional whiskey drinkers.


By combining real-time search data with creative, this innovative Dynamic Video campaign helped Jack Daniel’s to identify and reach younger flavored spirit drinkers while shifting consumer perceptions of how to enjoy Tennessee Honey.


Discover how this campaign:


  • Unlocked qualified, scaled audiences for video: by connecting billions of consumer search behaviors to uncover younger audiences who already enjoyed flavored spirits and had an affinity with Jack Daniel’s
  • Drove personalization at scale: by activating a Dynamic Video strategy powered by Captiy’s Creative Studio, appealing to the unique interests and lifestyles of four custom-built Tennessee Honey audiences
  • Powered strong engagement and awareness: by exceeding the VTR target by 14% and driving a 3.2X brand uplift, with rich post-campaign insights measuring the successful shift in perceptions among younger consumers, such as millennials and young professionals


The campaign won the ‘FMCG/CPG’ category at The Drum Digital Digital Advertising Awards 2020.





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