‘Flying High’ Travel Report:

Tackling The Questions Up In The Air For Travel Brands

In Vol 1 of the ‘What Consumers Want’ content series, Captify uncovers game-changing trends set to redefine the global travel industry in 2020 and beyond.


Through analysis of over 12 billion on-site global travel searches, this report reveals must-have insights for travel brand marketers and agencies, unlocking the true intent behind consumer booking behaviour.


Report highlights include:


  • Get the lowdown on emerging audiences disrupting the future of travel, from Eco-Warriors, Second-City Travellers to Gen Z Bucket List Conquerors
  • Explore pivotal moments that spark a surge in travel enquiries & discover the booking behaviour of early bird vs last-minute bookers
  • Accelerate destination discovery and convert lookers into bookers with Captify’s Virtual Travel Agent, Search Powered Conversational Ads


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