Kickstarting a search-powered campaign to connect eBay with sneaker enthusiasts


In this award-winning campaign, eBay partnered with EssenceMediacom and Captify to reconsolidate its presence as the mainstay platform for thrifting sneakers.


Through a dynamic video activation, eBay cut through market competition and connected the brand with eco-conscious and brand-loyal audiences—driving a 360% search uplift for eBay and a 56% increase in share of search versus competitors.


Discover how Search Intelligence helped eBay to: 


  • Build a customised audience strategy—​​tapping into intent signals to identify the trigger interests and moments that drive audiences to buy or sell sneakers
  • Power a dynamic video activation—delivering a truly personalised ad experience for eBay audiences to drive engagement & personalisation at scale
  • Shifting brand perceptionsdriving a 70% increase in willingness to recommend eBay


This campaign won the 'Brilliant Use of Data/Insight' category at The Drum Awards for Marketing EMEA 2023.


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