Vertical Spotlight: What's Captifying the Auto Market?

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In this latest insights piece, we see a particularly dynamic auto market, with the data revealing a number of clear shifts in consumer intent:


  • Revving up for change: changes in macroeconomic and market factors are fuelling consumer interest - brands should be ready to capitalise on this renewed intent.
  • Determine buyers, not drive-on-byers: Relevance is key, with families & luxury audiences preferring polished driving experiences, while younger drivers prioritise cost efficiency.
  • The future is electric: falling energy prices have reopened EV interest... but hybrid is keeping pace.
  • Accelerated decisions: with fewer EV brand choices and less variety, brands face shorter consideration windows to connect with in-market audiences.
  • Switching gears: The competitive landscape is heating up. Toyota’s hybrid dominance is fading in the face of Tesla growth, while new entrants risk upsetting the status quo.


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