Meet the ‘Die Hard Sports Consumer’—Find Out Why They Might Not be Who You Think

While consumers are still contemplating what to get Uncle Steve this holiday season, many advertisers are already planning for big sporting events in Q1. And with digital live sports projected to reach over 90 million viewers by 2025, brands can become even more effective at cutting through the noise of the super bowl and march madness. While there are many strategies to consider, this report delves into an audience that could just be the game changer in your media plan — sports bettors.


  • A valuable audience: Why sports bettors are the audience MVPs 
  • Unique targeting strategies: How these audiences can (and should) be targeted in the offseason as well
  • Intuitive vs non-intuitive groups: How the profiles of new bettors differ from the betting pros
  • How to reach and connect: Effective strategies for creative and targeting

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